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Servo Stabilizer Mathura

Servo Stabilizer - Mathura

Electricity is an essential element of modern life, powering everything from the smallest bulbs to large industrial machines and computer systems. However, frequent switching on and off of electrical equipment on a power distribution line can cause voltage fluctuations, which can be detrimental to the proper functioning of these devices. Throughout history, humans have developed various methods to control voltage fluctuations, ranging from manual to automatic methods. However, the most reliable method is the servo-controlled voltage stabilizer, which uses a feedback mechanism to correct voltage fluctuations and ensure consistent power supply. This method has been widely accepted and is now the basis for the innovative servo voltage stabilizer. Through research and development, the latest servo voltage stabilizers utilize high-quality components, electrical circuits, and control units to ensure accuracy and reliability, making it the best solution for addressing voltage fluctuations and guaranteeing optimal performance of electrical equipment.

How does it work?

Stabilizers are devices that are widely used in both domestic and commercial settings to address voltage fluctuations and stabilize the inconsistent power supply. It is common knowledge that electrical equipment can only function efficiently and with maximum performance when they are running at their rated voltage. Servo voltage stabilizers meet this need by ensuring that the input and output voltage remain consistent during machinery operation. Electrical and electronic devices are susceptible to overvoltage and undervoltage issues, which can leave them vulnerable to serious damage. This is where stabilizers come in, correcting the fluctuating voltage to maintain the desired and consistent voltage level.

The control circuit of the servo voltage stabilizer compares the output voltage with an in-built reference voltage, and the servo motor is controlled accordingly. Whenever there's a rise or fall in the voltage, the control circuit detects it and operates the servo motor. The amplifier and the variable transformer work together to supply the buck boost transformer, which stabilizes the voltage by correcting any faults through a comparison of the resultant error voltage and the reference voltage. The servo motor is then run based on this correction to ensure a stable output voltage.


The production of the best servo voltage stabilizer is handled by highly skilled engineers and experienced management professionals. In the field of electrical energy and voltage fluctuation, extensive and consistent research and development efforts are put forth, resulting in a product that is safe, reliable, and accurate to operate. The carefully selected components utilized in the manufacturing process ensure that the stabilizer maintains a fast and high correction ratio against voltage fluctuations during operation. This dedication has led to trouble-free and efficient operation for both small and heavy electrical equipment. The entire unit is enclosed in a sheet metal cabinet with full ventilation, and finished with lacquer paint, creating a robust and sleek-looking device that is resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long product life cycle for the stabilizer.

Some basic components features includes:

  • Auto transformer with variable and continuous voltage as per the requirement of the electrical equipment.
  • The buck boost transformer which is optional in case of following configuration; a stabilizer with a capacity of 10 KVA, 1Ph/30 KVA 3 ph.
  • The motor used in the whole voltage fluctuating controlling process is synchronous with an advantage of constant speed for an efficient conversion of AC energy into a work to provide correction in the power factor.
  • And a control panel.
Design features of servo voltage stabilizer :
  • SS control circuit with zero relays and warm up time providing the high reliability for the eminent performance of the equipment.
  • Providing the efficiency over 97 %.
  • The high reliability with the synchronous servo motor.
  • Negligible distortion in the waveform.
  • The construction with rugged design and components.
  • The 99.9 % copper winding for all the transformer on the CR lamination delivering higher efficiency along with the minimal losses of voltage, less temperature rising issue, and a strong bearing capacity during the climatic change.
  • As high as one percent regulation which is excellent for the efficacy of the equipment.
  • Fitted with the voltmeter detecting and indicating input and output voltage.
  • The capability of adjusting the output voltage in accordance with the specified limit using the screwdriver.
  • The mode of stabilizer's working can be selected using the auto-manual selector; manual function during the automatic control fault and failure without compromising with the working and efficiency of the stabilizer.
  • Push button for marking the lowering and increasing the output power supply by the servo stabilizer during the manual mode.
  • The printed circuit board can be easily replaced and serviced when in need easing the whole operation.
  • The LED indication during the peak voltage and lowest input voltage.
Some optional features of servo voltage stabilizer

In addition to the basic and design features, servo voltage stabilizer caters with some optional features as per the need of the electrical devices used in varied fields.

These are as follows:

  • The alarming system for the efficient indication during the high and low input voltage.
  • Smooth functioning
  • The single phase preventer.
  • Fitted with digital voltmeter and digital ammeter in case of digital voltage stabilizer.
  • Miniature circuit breaker and menas moulded case circuit breaker for both input and output power supply preventing the devices from getting damaged due to excessive current.
Application of servo voltage stabilizer
  • Have varied application in the air conditional plants.
  • Used for stabilizing medical equipment.
  • Used in the offset printing machine.
  • In the computer numerical control machine.
  • Stabilizing power supply for the escalators and elevators.
  • In the research & development, information technology and telecommunication systems.
  • Laboratory and defense equipment.
  • In industries like flour mill, food processing, rubber manufacturing, etc. using both small and heavy electrical equipment.

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