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Our three phase voltage stabilizer is typically designed for stabilizing AC voltage and are manufactured with superior technology and made based on Indian conditions. Three phase voltage stabilizer is capable of maintaining output voltage in a steady state whenever the power voltage fluctuates or the load current varies.

Compared to other voltage stabilizers, Three phase servo stabilizers has the advantage of higher capacity, very high efficiency, no wave distortion, a stable voltage adjustment, managing instantaneous overload, long hours of operation, and hassle-free shift between manual control and automatic control. These three phase voltage stabilizers are provided with an in-built protection against over-voltage, over current, phase failure and protection against phase sequence. These are compact and light weight with an easy installation.

Our Servo three-phase voltage stabilizers are a blend of three variants along with three servo motors, three buck and boot transformers and three solid stat control circuits. Basically these stabilizers consist of three single phase units of one third capacity each connected in a Star. The output voltage on all three phases is totally different. Our three phase servo voltage stabilizers are ideal for regional offices, large retail stores, small data centres and heavy power requirements.
Application: The three phase voltage stabilizer has its application in large electromechanical equipment, production lines, construction devices, metal processing equipment, elevators, light and textile industry, medical equipment, air-conditioners, TV sets, household appliances and for general lighting purposes. Our Fully computerized design coupled with accurate output and precision engineered components.

Range: 300 V – 460 V AC 50 Hz 3 PH
Other Input Ranges: 245 V- 460 V AC 3Ph/ 340 V- 460 V AC 3Ph/ 360 V- 460 V AC 3Ph
Frequency: 47Hz to 53 Hz
Output Voltage: 380 V / 400 V/ 415 V AC 3Ph 50 Hz
Unbalanced 4 Wire : R Y B N
Connections: Star
Output Voltage Adjustable: 380 V to 415 V AC in 3Ph/ 220 V to 240 V AC in 1Ph/
Output Voltage Regulation: ± 1%
Over Load Capacity: 120%
Correction Rate: 15 V / 20 V / 35 V / Sec-1Ph/25 V / 35 V / 60 V / Sec-3Ph/110V/Sec for D.C.
Waveform Distortion: Nil
Output Waveform: True Reproduction of Input
Insulation: Class 'B'
Short CKT Period & percentage: 300 % for 250 m.sec.
Normal Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 45ºC
Climatic Conditions: 90 % RH.Max.Non-Condensing at 35º C
Mode of System: Fully Automatic / Manual



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