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Industrial Stabilizer

When we talk about stabilizers, an electrical device with the most trusted features and functions comes into the mind. Stabilizers have always been an important electrical equipment to stabilize the input and output of other electrical and electronic devices requiring the continuous power supply for the utmost efficiency and operation. The fluctuation in the voltage can severely damage any electrical equipment if not controlled. In day to day life all of the equipment have to encounter with such fluctuation; it becomes impossible to ignore the vulnerability, and stabilizers came as a blessing to save the equipment from inconsistent voltage supply.

Industrial Stabilizer

Stabilizers have varied technical application ranging from information technology to medical field; from process control equipment to data process equipment. Each and every field has its own requirement, its own need, and the customization feature of a stabilizer caters to all these field with unique specification. Home appliances, which does not require heavy power supply are being controlled by stabilizers with less stabilizing capacity. On the other hand, industries work on heavy electrical equipment with huge power supply 24/7, and to cater such devices high stabilizing capacity stabilizers are needed, which in turn categorized as industrial stabilizer. Specially designed to serve the industry requirement, industrial stabilizer works to control and stabilize equipment with large power supply requirement. Highly appreciable industrial stabilizer for stability in output, with eminent performance using high standard component ranges from 700 KVA to 1000 KVA.

Requirement and availability

The reliable company concerned with quality, manufactures all of their stabilizers using premium grade material and high-tech technology. As per the industry requirement, the demand of industrial stabilizer which draws lesser current and lesser tripping relay time is high in the market. The industries are classified to sub category each requiring unique specification based on the technical requirement. The manufacturer caters to each and every field with equal importance protecting the equipment sensitivity to voltage fluctuation, and hence the high capacity electronic devices are less vulnerable to be harmed. In addition to this, low power consumption while delivering the maximum workability is the high demand of the industry.


Manufacturing highly reliable industrial stabilizer requires prowess in the field of industry and technology. The research and development department caters to need of client, with every single and minute details with the utmost expertise. The microprocessor and microcontroller controls all the units and functioning driving the high efficacy of the industrial stabilizer. The basic requirement of corrosion free and high strength for longer life cycle is fulfilled with the most progressive technology.

Features and applications

The silent features of the industrial stabilizer includes the following:

  • High efficacy and responsive operation.
  • Wide range of input voltage, and less tripping.
  • The control circuit is a failure proof with 99.99 % efficiency.
  • Number of components with less activity, which in turn avoids failure.
  • Reluctant to variation in frequency and power factor.
  • Ac servo motor with variable speed and high torque controlling corrections.
  • High reliable, rugged & smooth drive control for the ac motor using optoisolator.

The basic application of digital servo stabilizer is for equipment requiring consistence supply of AC power to get the desirable output. The following are the areas of field where these stabilizer could be used.

  • In the field of information technology.
  • In equipment with process control operation, like NC machine.
  • All types of devices (electronic and electrical).
  • In the medical field, in equipment like X-ray machine and CT scan.
  • Equipment with data processing operation (example – computers, laptops).
  • In industries for cement and chemical plants.
  • In the field of railways, defense, and other heavy engineering field.< /li>
  • Air conditioning.
  • In equipment required in communication and broadcasting field.
  • In the printing industries and packaging industries. .



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